Friday, August 8, 2014

Luxor Roses Revisited

I hope you won't say= "humph. I've seen this one before!" you have NOT. You have seen the under layer. Today it was raining. Yesterday I had started a study of 4 water lilies which had caught my attention. Beautiful soft salmon colors on deep moss green reflections in the water. I was an hour into the painting and the dark clouds let loose. Packed it in and hoped for today.
In the evening three people came and bought two water lily plants. JUST the two I was painting! I wanted to place a ban, but it is Herman's business and I am fortunate to be able to paint here.
Today I was amazed at the particular arrangement of my favorite roses= Luxors. They had been tempting me for several days. there was a canvas=one of my papered-over ones, hanging in the work shop. The composition had been bothering me for some time. Psyche and Eros are enjoying their place on the canvas. They belong to these roses I think.
Here it is with today's new layer. Am I satisfied? I never know until after some time.
What do you think?

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