Tuesday, November 11, 2014

card players

If you have been following this Blog for some time, you would know that Herman and his three card-playing friends with whom he has been playing every week in the winter for around 35 years are still a favorite subject for me. I have 5 canvases going for a number of years now. the guys are constantly in movement, dealing, throwing and holding cards. yes, the hands in this still-sketch are not defined. When Herman, Jan, Rob and Leo are here at our house around the small round table, I begin by first scraping the excess paint and then attacking with the idea of following flowing forms of color, not placing lines. I want to get the intimacy, the secrecy, and mostly, the enjoyment of the card play. They go back in the rack until February when I will be back from America to plunge on with this continuing exciting project. Listening to Debussy puts me into the right mood of following themes and keeping the whole thing going in flows.
When is one finished? as you see, it takes years and years.

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