Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cummington Show

This portrait is very small, 6" X 6", oil on paper over carton mounted on a wooden block. It is not in "The Heart of the Hilltowns" show entering its last week at the Cummington Community House, Cummington, Ma. Neither is it a "conversation portrait". It is the only portrait I could download this evening.  So here it is. I made this series of "block images" in 2013.
None the less, I am asking those of you who have not been to please come and look at the 49 portraits I totally enjoyed making this past year in the Hilltowns of Massachusetts. Again I want to thank the participants. I will continue the series the last week of November.

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  1. Freda! Your show is much enjoyed by the Monday morning exercise group. What a treat.