Saturday, March 21, 2015

last evening

A bit of the living room after a session painting the card players last evening. The easel is turned around and I peek through the arched doorway into the kitchen, pick up the painting I need to work on (actually all of them get a turn) according to who is sitting where. Every 15 minutes or so the sitters change places except for Herman who always sits in the left under position. That is the chair and place he has sat for meals and card-playing his whole life (67 years). Card playing is for the last 40 years with these 3 friends.
Why do I keep painting since 1994 on these six paintings (two are elsewhere)? I love to paint this subject and I am not satisfied.  I want  psychological intensity as well as  good painting.
thank you for looking. The photo is a bit bleeched out.

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