Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Not that the winter here in Holland was anything compared to that in the Hilltowns of Massachusetts! but we still express a lot of joy when the winds get softer and the sun gives us warm smiles. the waters around us get this incredible deep ultra-marine blue-magenta color.
Herman's sister Wil brought me this bunch of flowers whose name I do not know. The buds start out white-cinnabaar green and unfold into such diverse shades of pink, mauve, lilac and even red.

I couldn't help think of Claude Monet's burst of apple blossoms and Vincent van Gogh's birthday present to his new-born nephew Vincent= almond tree blossoms on a rich blue sky painted while he was in the Saint- Rémy hospital. These two are my heros and they must have been totally involved in the spaces between the throbbing flowers as well as the blooms.

 It's all about the movement of growth and joy of spring.

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