Monday, September 16, 2013

Man in Blue

Five years ago I had an exhibit of 26 portraits called "Men in Blue". the ones I still have are bothering me. After spending a day en plein air painting with Roos Scheuring, LeoVerbeek, Corry Kooy and Bart van Boxtel (who cleverly manned the Zonneveer- boat), I decided to give myself the needed kick. I am now turning these somewhat timid too-figurative portraits into real paintings. Playing with paint and thinking about the intention. They will probably no longer "look like" the models, but hopefully will be exciting with oil strokes. Thanks, friends!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

waterlily pond

If you take a look at the first painting in the last Post, you will see the basis of this finished work. Yes, it takes many sessions to become satisfied with a painting. Even then I may pick the canvas out some years later and give it another go. This canvas is 100 X 120 cm., has many layers beneath it including one of paper which gives it a richness of texture and patterns. It feels to me as I look at it hanging on the living room wall as if I am gazing into a pond full of James Brydon's on a warm summer day. These red water lilies appear to be sacred bowls of deep colors attracting insects which drown in the nectar. A stream of light hits the lily pads becoming golden in the late summer light.