Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morning in the Polder

This painting was made some years ago on a warm summer's morning. You hardly see fishing boats anymore. I pulled this one out as an hommage to the way it used to look here. These two fishers had sought the shade of an island full of tall trees, berry bushes and assorted wild shrubs. This beautiful wilderness has been cleared off in order to have it conform to all the other islands barren of undergrowth. Not very interesting for painting anymore. I think, of course, that water never ceases to be interesting with all the reflections. My inspiration is focused to beauty close by this summer=water lilies. and still I love this one for its freshness.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unfinished business

First I want to thank all of you, especially my old friends and brother-in-law, who wrote comments about this Blog. I never found them until just now! they inspire me to go on.
Weather today is so changeable pushed on by a strong wind. Wanted to get to the few brave remaining water lilies before they dive to the bottom, never to be seen again. Why did I leave the vaguely drawn one empty in the right hand corner? hmmm. just felt it right. up for anyone's interpretation.
Thanks again for looking and making a comment. I'm off to the ponds.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Swinging back into portrait work with rainy weather. Today is dubious so I am finishing up this small portrait of a friend's father, Ari. I feel I got him. never are my portraits literal likenesses. I hope to capture the feeling of someone talking with me. also an agelessness. an older man in whom you can see his youth, his hopes, worries and even longings. that is nearly an impossibility, but I try. I didn't crop this to give an idea of my living room studio looking into the kitchen and out into the garden.

I love to take on commissions.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Luxor Roses Revisited

I hope you won't say= "humph. I've seen this one before!" you have NOT. You have seen the under layer. Today it was raining. Yesterday I had started a study of 4 water lilies which had caught my attention. Beautiful soft salmon colors on deep moss green reflections in the water. I was an hour into the painting and the dark clouds let loose. Packed it in and hoped for today.
In the evening three people came and bought two water lily plants. JUST the two I was painting! I wanted to place a ban, but it is Herman's business and I am fortunate to be able to paint here.
Today I was amazed at the particular arrangement of my favorite roses= Luxors. They had been tempting me for several days. there was a canvas=one of my papered-over ones, hanging in the work shop. The composition had been bothering me for some time. Psyche and Eros are enjoying their place on the canvas. They belong to these roses I think.
Here it is with today's new layer. Am I satisfied? I never know until after some time.
What do you think?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

wind in the water

It gets really exciting when wind is ruffing up the waters. Here in Holland that happens quite often. a glaring hot sun and little waves reflecting the sky. The James Brydons are looking more and more like cups of liquid gold. Chalices of pure intoxication for insects. It is a carnivorous water lily without the petals closing around the prey. Insects drown in the sticky liquid inside. so, what happens in a water lily pond is not all sweetness. Life and death.