Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last lily of the summer, 2014

Maybe all these waterlily paintings look like each other. I don't know. Everyone, to me, was a new challenge=composition, color and what do I want that lily to be saying. All considerations before I charge and let it go where it wants. in this case, I started in sun light and ended yesterday in a soft rain. I keep painting until I am dead tired or the lily has folded her arms and withdrawn. This one, the very last in the basins, just kept going. We still don't know why they open and why they close when they do. They will mostly blossom for 4 days. There are always surprises, just like the rest of life. And then the water lily pads. they are also different, unique. The paint has to flow from one day to the next when the scene is completely different.
Closed the paint box for now. Will be back in two weeks. Time to look at what is going on in America.

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