Sunday, November 2, 2014

Flora Vase

It's been some years ago that I was totally obsessed with painting these Stephan Sluiters' ceramic vases. Stephan threw each one into a different free-form and glazed the insides in order to hold water. I kept buying them and giving workshops for people to paint their own as decoration and/or vase for flowers. Every Dutch house has flowers somewhere all the time. There is always a vase with flowers in our front window.
Rembrandt was an inspiration for me with the portrait of his wife Saskia as the mythological figure "Flora". an explosion of flowers rises out of her head so to speak.
I gave some layers acrylic paint, tissue paper and again paint and varnish until there was something I liked. I still pick one up once in awhile when I see an improvement. nothing is absolutely finished for me.
Behind my vase are urns and on the wall "The Sirens and Apollo" by French artist, Dominique Sapel.

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