Thursday, April 21, 2016


There are such good winds blowing from the West in this direction, across the ocean. I feel so honored to know stronge, courageous Hilltown women like Katy Eiseman, Polly Ryan and Rosemary Wessel. They just keep pushing on, keeping the pipeline and Kinder Morgen out.
And for my daughter-in-law, Joy, who saw a future food in a horseradish plant we put in probably 6 years ago. The Hilltowns harbor very special people.
Will I still be able to manage a stick shift when I return? Today photos of the broken bones in my left foot. Patience is the name of most games.
I want to paint today. Girl friends have given me beautiful bouquets. In the garden calla lilies white and creamy as Cararra marble are fluting into the cool Blue Dutch sky. Life is good. 

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  1. Beauty surrounds us in many forms. Thank you for sourcing much of it in my life. I'm over the moon about KM suspending further business in our corner of the world! Yes, an honor to have connections with such strong forces as Katie and Rosemary.
    I love this watercolor blooming on my screen. Thank you!