Sunday, April 27, 2014

VVG in Paris

Paint by Number was developed and marketed in 1951 by Max S. Klein. 12 million kits have since been sold. Just to think about all the people these nifty kits gave pleasure to and maybe a beginning to a never-ending hobby or career.
When I entered the hotel room on the 5th floor of Hotel Jean Bart in Paris, I caught my breath. Over my bed was this number painting of Van Gogh's irises= totally different from the real Van Gogh and full of life and ingenuity in it's own way. This was modern art before it got snobby. Anyone could paint it and hang it.
During the three days I spent in that ever-incredible city the exhibition of Van Goghs in Musée D'Orsay was a high point. Many freshly restored canvases from particular collections with an unusual approach by Antoine Artaud. I really liked the wall color which always makes a difference. So, get your tickets Online and take a trip to the city of light.

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